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Face masks!

Embrace it!

We are in for the long haul with mask wearing, so we may as well invest in really comfortable ones.  Instead of those scratchy uncomfortable blue medical masks that have to be disposed after one use, invest in one of our ​super comfortable, skin friendly chic face masks. They come in 3 different styles and are made up of super soft brushed cotton with a non woven patented inner filter proven to block 92% of bacteria and viruses.   

  • Soft breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Machine washable over 100 times
  • Alcohol & Toxic free
  • Skin friendly and hypo allergenic
Why go for Black or white ones? 
We've seen a lot of masks with fancy patterns from liberty prints to boutique brands jumping on the mask bandwagon. (see pic below). Arguably this look only works if you're under 12 or you only wear full black or white clothes.
A super chic cut and seamless black or white mask ensures you will always look cool and nothing clashes. 

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