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The Lynx Throw



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A stunning naturalistic Lynx fur in Sable and Snow tones framed with a cotton textured border in Zinc and on the reverse side a luxurious cashmere mix herringbone in Mink with etchings of sky blue.
Our stunning fur throw collection is all neutral toned and add that truly bespoke and luxurious element to any room.
Especially perfect for the new warm monochrome trend. 
The naturalistic fur we use is of exceptional quality and often mistaken for real fur because of its softness, silkiness and incredible sheen!

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My favourite piece!


I adore my Lacuna London Lynx Fur throw . I was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It's much heavier than I expected and really superb quality! It looks bespoke , the faux fur is so natural looking and the herringbone fabric on the alternate side is spectacularly soft and really stylish. It really looks like I had this designer made and it's my absolute fave piece in my reception room. Unlike a lot fo the cheap stuff you see online right now, I know this piece will last years.

C Harland

Notting Hill January 2019

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