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There's been false statements about white interiors for years. Phrases like "too clinical", "boring" and "difficult to maintain" are in my experience totally fase. There is nothing that adds the biggest "pop" of colour than White! It's the ultimate statement colour, it brightens, it's fresh, it's clean and it's ultimately interesting when combined with different materials and textures! It's one of my favourite colours and hues to work with and marries like a match made in heaven with every hues especially ombres, cafe au laits, marines and cobalts, charcoals etc. My absolute fav right now is bright snowy fresh fresh cream with inky blue black, off purple light grey and good dollop of blood wine for the ultimate sophisticated winter pallette. Right now warm ombres from creamy yellows to burnt oranges are trending and actually look super fresh when combined with opaque in your face white elements....

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